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  1. That website is created on a dedicated server or a vps server, if you don`t havea dedicated server or vps server you can`t make a forum on server ip adres.
  2. AREA-GAMES COMMUNITY is an online gaming community that have great succes with competitions Counter Strike 1.6 ! This community was created on 31 May and until than alots of users chose us for our seriozity ! I want some reviews from your, what we have to change or to add. We have an valide key of IP.Board ! AREA-GAMES COMMUNITY ( website ) AREA-GAMES COMMUNITY ( facebook ) AREA-GAMES COMMUNITY ( steamgroup )
  3. Heiyo


    Version 1.0.0


    This is the theme of Play-Arena Community made by Portocala & Shady. www.play-arena.ro

  4. I work on other porject right now, will be in RO/EN because i want to have some "outside country" traffic.
  5. One kid come to us and told something like this "I want to be back in your community" when we said NO he put this skin on all website because he is a jurk. Anyway, i want to make an international community because like this we can make some big gaming competitions.
  6. Hello, this community was rebuild on 07.09.2015 with a new staff and under new management, in only five months we had a great start because we success to realized some achievements: We have over 3400 members, and over 200 users that visit forum every day, something great here in Romania. Because we are a gaming community we have 20 servers of Counter Strike 1.6 and over 4 servers of Counter Strike Global Offensive and other game servers. We had a deal with a streamer named stRRRong, witch help us ! I hope you like the community and you can tell me your idea about gaming, i want to know what you aspect from a gaming community :) and sorry for my bad English, i`m not used to speak/write. Community link : http://play-arena.ro/forum/
    Ce faci măi copilaș , temele mele sunt făcute de tine ? Cât de ratat poți să fii ? Nu e bai am grijă și de tine cât de curând când am să te fac de rahat pe tot internetul cu forumul tău vai de mama lui plin de buguri. This skin is made by me Sebastian C. not by you stupid kid . First of all , this is skin is Aimers # GREEN made for Aimers Community , this kid downloaded from the website where i uploaded it and just change 1 color . Another example of stupid kid from Romania , a country where you can see all of this shit everywhere.
    This is just a RIP made by a stupid kid , here is the prove from ipb_style.css , copy+psate on ipb_stayle.css and this is the skin , don`t download this skin because you weaste your time
    R.I.P Version with copy css .
  7. How patetic you can be , this is the skin made by mixgamers and edited by csclasic
  8. Version v2.0 - beta


    [size=3][font='trebuchet ms']This is the new skin community TWG Romania made by me.Skin is still in beta, and I decided to give this version.[/font][/size] [size=3][font='trebuchet ms']Everything you see is made only in css not change anything in globaltemplate.[/font][/size] [size=3][font='trebuchet ms']Thanks for you attention and please if you respect my work don`t delete my name from the skin template.[/font][/size] [size=3][font='trebuchet ms'][color=#ff0000][b]LIVE DEMO[/b][/color]:[/font][/size] [url="http://twg.ro/forum/"]http://twg.ro/forum/[/url]

  9. Heiyo


    Version v1.0


    [b][font='trebuchet ms'][size=3]This is the old skin from TWG ROMANIA . Is made by me :)[/size][/font][/b]