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  1. I know that mate. Thanks for replying. I thought you are saying for Login Security questions. This is for Registration Form where the users needs to answer it before they sign up.
  2. Bruteforce tools can not bypass google captcha all the time. Is there anyway I can setup custom question in login form ?
  3. Is there anyway you guys can fix this bug ?
    It doesn't work in the Popup Login Form. Sign In button gets disabled after installing Captcha on Login Form. Version
  4. @titcrunch Appreciate your help mate. However the link says The page you requested does not exist
  5. @titcrunch Yes!! The keys work as I was using from IPB3.4.x versions. When I enable the Capthca in Login Form, The Popup Gets the Recaptcha and it gets verified .. And When I tried to Click on Log IN. It doesnt login. The login doesnt work at the time.
  6. @Lady C I am on VPS host.
  7. @Lady C I have installed Cloudflare too .. May I know what I can do further to make work coz My site is getting compromised in cracking
  8. Hi Guys, As my site is getting bruteforced, I have installed the login captcha in my site where it doesnt work with the pop up login as shown in the below.When I enter in SIGN IN, it doesnt get sign in. Can anyone please help me. Regards, Dongly007
  9. BUMP! Please help me on this. Really Needed to setup like this.
  10. BUMP. Can someone help me on this. Its kinda urgent.
  11. @titcrunch I already activated it and gone through that, I failed to add sub subscription. Could you please help me with this. will really be helpful
  12. Hi Guys, I am getting difficult to find App like Subscription Manager as for IPB 3..4.x. Is there anything for IPB like Subscription Manager, it does demote the user when the subscription ends automatically, where in IPB 4.1.x I have to check the donation tracker and have to manually demote the users from subscription rank. Or is there anyway I can make it ? Please help me with us. Regards, dongly007
  13. @Erza Thanks for letting me know that we need to install in manually and I found it Its actually in the Applications tab and we need to install it
  14. I have downloaded the nulled IPB from here only