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  1. Unfair and Abusive: It is not putting a category that takes 5 consecutive years as best CMS - https://www.cmscritic.com/awards/ Accusing me of loading empty files, when I never upload empty files. Ignore the suggestion to increase the upload limit. - Accusing me without evidence about Minecraft, which is a video game for babies, and here we are hacking wordpress and IPS Your crap suggestions, pathetic, miserable, deplorable and stupid, are the result of not wanting to participate in this forum. You, a rat child, are the result of being abusive, unfair, authoritarian and dictator. It is believed with all the right to repress my participation, for a whim of a 5-year-old boy, I should learn to be more respectful and stop playing to be God. If you threaten to expel me, I will report you to the authorities for piracy, with me do not <removed>.
  2. Darkgeek


    Version 1.13


    Jupiter X is your all-in-one platform to create pixel perfect websites, fast & easy. It comes with Elementor page builder, the world’s leading WordPress page builder. You can customise Jupiter X globally using WordPress customiser. The brand new shop customiser helps you customise every aspect of your online shop including checkout and cart page. Moreover, you can now build your own headers and footers easily with visual editors. Jupiter X also makes it possible to customise your blog and portfolio list and single pages. It doesn’t stop there though! You can now easily customise your custom posts archive and single pages which allows creating any listing/directory websites such as hotels, car rentals, real estate, library, recipe, job boards and much more. More Info
  3. I still have the same warning, for several months, it seems unfair and abusive. Davlin Warning issued by Davlin July 31, 2018 Penalty Given 2 points which will never expire. Content moderated - 13 days and 23 hours Banned - 6 days and 23 hours If this is a Bug, fix it, or what problem may be with my user. I do not participate in the forum and only upload files, which even delete them.
  4. Darkgeek


    Version 2.1.2


    Evolve is backed by an extremely powerful style framework called XenBase. It is the framework that powers all of our styles. We are constantly evolving and improving the framework to make it the best possible experience for you. It includes hundreds of options for you to customize and really make your style your own.
  5. Darkgeek

    Delete my file

    They have deleted my Betheme file, for silly reasons: There is a text file with an external link, obviously, because the file is so large that it exceeds the upload limit. I cannot fragment the template because the file is all in one, contains all the demos and has 262.85 MB, which is impossible to upload on this site. To solve this problem, I suggest if possible, increase the file upload limit. Greetings.
  6. Version 4.8.2


    The richest UI Kit with detailed documentation and growing base of beautiful components & ready to use snippets. Include: MDB Pro 4.8.2 MDB saas Templates Pack 4.8.2 MDB Admin Dashboard Templates Pack 4.8.2 MDB Blog Templates Pack 4.8.2 MDB Ecommerce Templates Pack 4.8.2 MDB Landing Page Templates Pack 4.8.2 MDB Magazine Templates Pack 4.8.2 MDB Portfolio Templates Pack 4.8.2 MDB jQuery version 4.8.2 More Info
  7. Darkgeek


    Version 3.1


    Infinite is well designed WordPress theme for multi-purpose. Featured with the latest version of super powerful & customizable framework by GoodLayers. For almost a year, we have been developed our theme’s core, gathered every feedbacks from customers and put everything into this framework. Infinite also comes with the most powerful drag drop page builder. It is super flexible with tons of great features such as background wrapper options, custom skin color for specific item wrapper, three view modes(live, preview, block), ajax page builder saving, pre built pages and blocks and much more. More Info
  8. Thank Lady Croft for delete infected file, i upload new wp theme clean.

  9. Version 4.8.2


    UI Kits for jQuery version, standard Bootstrap 4. More Info
  10. Wordpress I do not like, because the most important function is shit! The menu system is obsolete, from the time of windows 95 and that's why I go to the professional community to help me solve the following: Change the assigned element without removing the item. add images or icons to the menu item. SEO integrated in menu items. Hide frontend items. All this is essential and Joomla has it completely, for this JOOMLA is the best for me, and is the only thing that WordPress lacks to be the best. System Menu WP Is there a plugin to solve this huge problem? Thank and greetings.
  11. Darkgeek

    Vuesax Vuejs

    Version 2.1


    Vuesax Vuejs - Vuejs Admin Dashboard Template Vuesax – Vuejs Admin Dashboard Template – is the most developer friendly & highly customisable VueJS Admin Dashboard Template based on Vue CLI, Vuex & Vuesax component framework. Vuesax provides unique features like fuzzy search, bookmarks, floating navbar, dark layout, advance cards and charts. It comes with 2 niche dashboards, 4 workable apps like email, chat, todo and calendar. Vuesax admin can be used for any type of web applications: Project Management, eCommerce backends, CRM, Analytics, Banking, Education, Fitness or any custom vuejs admin ashboard. More Info
  12. Darkgeek

    Material Admin

    Version 2.6.1


    Material Admin is a Google Material Design inspired powerful-lightweight fully responsive retina display compatible admin template based on latest 4. Material Admin comes with jQuery and Angular7 versions Unless like other admin templates, all the plugin used in Material Admin are completely customized to match the Material Design. More Info
  13. Darkgeek

    Fuse Angular

    Version 8.1.2


    Powerful and professional admin template for Web Applications, CRM, CMS, Admin Panels and more. More Info
  14. Darkgeek




    REHub – Hybrid wordpress template with enhanced all in one combination of profitable features. We made many unique Affiliate, Coupon, Directory, Social, SEO, Comparison and multi Store features. More Info
  15. Wordpress is is the blogging platform most vulnerable to attacks and the most insecure, this report reveals it. https://sucuri.net/reports/2017-hacked-website-report Also its menu system, content organization and modularization is bad, a blogging portal where you have to put plugins making resources heavier and consuming memory, neither popular nor better manager. Wordpress. Is. Shit!
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