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  1. okay, and for those waiting for app updates - share which apps you are willing to halt the updates for? which ones working on 4.4 is a must for your community?
  2. hey guys, I wonder how many of you will upgrade to 4.4 when it comes out? my forum is still running quite well on 3.4.x series but the more IPS releases new versions for me it looks more and more attractive and I believe I will be making this huge upgrade later on. however if there are any of you how refuse to upgrade from 3.4.x to v4 what are those reasons? except for the process being a lot of work of course.
  3. Actually I did some searching and would love to get this one https://graphicriver.net/item/my-birthdaybachelor-party-invitation-/6347325?s_rank=16
  4. Hello guys, back in the day, like 3 or more years ago there was a great warez forum named templatep2p.net or something very similar and it had many resources on it. I mean A LOT. And one of the best things there were a big collection of PREMIUM EVENT POSTERS. I mean things like seen in here - https://graphicriver.net/print-templates/flyers#content Now that its long gone I can't seem to find a new place to download such graphics. Does anyone where I could get my fix? Thanks :)
    thank you very much, works perfectly I managed to upgrade a 3.1 forum all the way up to 4.1
  5. just try to stay low ley and you should be fine.
  6. is it just me , or the download speed is so slow now. I speaking 1 MB within 3 minutes. is there something wrong?