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  1. Fortnite from me. It sure has some bugs but it runs the best and is alot more fun that PuBG (yes i've got pubg to but it's completely trash imo)
  2. Hello! and welcome!
  3. This was made by Evilsystem, both those menu bars were. that PWS one is a copy or a direct copy of the ORIGINAL menu bar named Warcry (after Warcry-WoW, Which evilsystem and chompi owned) anyways the top bar is made by evilsystem for heroes-wow. i work at Heroes-WoW as their personal GFX artist. and i've seen the PSD but i don't wanna spoil what Evil did to make it like that. I'm horribly sorry, but i don't support recerations of WarcryCMS items. which in this case it is.