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  1. ipsBadge in threads?

    Thanks for the help everyone! This solved my problem. :)
  2. ipsBadge in threads?

    nope, I mean that when you open a forum, every thread has a red tag with name "Parduodu" or "Perku", look at the photo. How can I do this?
  3. hello, how can I make a badge for threads(the red "parduodu" stuff)?
  4. How long does the forum exist hook

    nonono, I need the hook, that shows, how long is the forum working. Like here:
  5. hello, I can't find a hook that shows how long is the forum working, I saw it on one forum, but I cant find it...
  6. Can't Install Theme

    umm, import the .xml file, not the .rar
  7. Cant chat on shoutbox and download files

    ​You're in the group of Inactive Members. You need to make at least 5 non-spam posts to be moved to the active Members group. Then you may download files. ​ ​thank you for your help. :)
  8. Cant chat on shoutbox and download files

    what about the downloads?
  9. hello, why I cant chat on shoutbox? It says login to join the chatbox. I cant download files, it says You are not allowed to download this file