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  1. fizdog

    not secure?

    yes, the one i used will email me a week before it'll expire
  2. fizdog

    not secure?

    ok thanks guys. i will talk to my web host. edit: used a free one and it worked.. thanks again guys!!
  3. fizdog

    not secure?

    how do i make the site secure? it says "not secure" in the address bar. i tried looking in the adminCP and on here and i couldnt find any info. thanks in advance!!
  4. well i was having issues as i guess because of newbie status, downloads would start then fail. however i just donated and download worked without issue. anyway, can't wait to see what changes to this site are done.
  5. does this mean downloads are down too?
  6. i have and it was norton. back in my days of using a computer just about 24/7 i would purposely run viruses from time to time and norton wouldnt even pick it up
  7. Almost broken my ankle a few times. Luckily knock on wood it was a sprain
  8. Looking for some type of script that will allow users to signup for an email using one of my domains?
  9. please delete this. i didnt know my host let me change the php version. i changed it to 5.6 and now it is letting me install!!!
  10. havnt been here in ages but still loving WF. keep up the great work guys
  11. Free hosting (most) will plaster ads all over lol
  12. I wouldn't even try to run a forum on a free hosting lol. I can vouche for hostgator as I use them. Never had a problem except with my .dk domain but that is on whoever owns the dk extention as they don't allow the name servers from host gator
  13. I just got a 2010 ford focus yesterday. I used to have a 2000 ford winstar. Much happier with the focus
  14. yes it should. i guess they finally changed it as it was still snowing few days ago LOL
  15. fizdog

    Xbox one

    i think gamestop was doing this but i guess if they dont have an xbox one varant youre screwed LOL
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