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  1. No mate, all I want is ONE icon for (pinned threads) and ONE icon for the (normal threads), but when adding them it just goes on to all the nodes as shown in the image.
  2. It is the default theme, I've only changed the colors, any idea how to code it properly? my coding sucks obviously
  3. Hey guys, I am trying to get 'each' icon to show only the one, the "pinned" one for the pinned threads and the "comments" one only for the normal threads as shown in the image (below). The problem is the icons are repeating, can someone help me with my code please? TIA extra.less: .structItem-cell--icon:before { .m-faBase(); .m-faContent(@fa-var-thumb-tack, 1em); } .structItem-cell--icon:before { .m-faBase(); .m-faContent(@fa-var-comments, 1em); }
  4. Hey guys, how do you move the mod action button just to the left of (Add Resources) please as shown in the image? I think it is somewhere in the code below but I can't figure it out. TIA app_inlinemod.less: // #################################### INLINE MOD BUTTON ################ .inlineModButton { display: inline-block; position: relative; i:before { display: inline-block; .m-faBase(); .m-faContent(@fa-var-check-square, 1em); //, .88em vertical-align: -1px; font-size: 1.2em; margin: -.2em 0; line-height: 1; } &.inlineModButton--noIcon i { display: n
  5. Thanks so much, that worked great, I did say my CSS sucks lol
  6. I have been trying to fix this and still I just can't get it right so can someone please help me. My CSS suck obviously I am trying to get my sidebar widgets with a border/padding exactly like Webflakes which as you can see: But the best I can get on my own default theme (no custom these used) is this: This is my CSS I am trying to work with right now, trust me though I have tried everything and at a total loss now .ipsDataItem { border-width: 1px; border-top: 1px; } Basically I just want my sidebar widgets smack on like the ones here at Webflake. T
  7. Ok its working, but the background is only showing on the top half of the forums, how to make it cover the whole background please? Thanks This is the code I have now: /* Background */ body { background: url({resource="abs1.jpg" app="core" location="front"}) no-repeat center top scroll #000; } #ipsLayout_header header { background: transparent !important; } I am sure I have to edit this line somewhere: "no-repeat center top scroll" Edit: Fixed it, after playing around I made it to this and its now working fine: "no-repeat center center fixed" Thank you
  8. Bump! anyone able to help me on this? I still cant get a FULL screen background, though looking just like above image
  9. Hey, thanks again for the help - I had already found this somewhere and tried it but it still leaves that ugly blue banner at the top and the image doesn't take over the whole background. Check image attached to see how it looks now. Also just noticed, the footer of the forum is black too! so its only showing the image around the mid-part but not bottom or top.
  10. Great, it's worked perfectly, thank you very much
  11. Yup I was thinking that, but any chance on how to exactly get it to work? some example or guide? Thanks
  12. Hey guys, how to make a full background of the forum just like here on Webflake though WITHOUT the background changer? I noticed this thread for IPB 3.x this is also with the changer but as there is no updated version for IPB 4.x I would like to ask here. Example of what I want to remove so that I can add a whole forum background (attached image) Thanks
  13. According to the guidelines I am allowed to bump this topic so... anyone can help? Thanks
  14. @Sara Schuller erm ok, so where are these options then? I haven't seen anything as such Edit: no worries, I found it, looking at your image I noticed it being called "tab bar background" so searched everywhere and finally found it in the "Themes > Front End Colors" area. thank you
  15. lol find it funny they do not allow Minecraft Thanks for all the info anyways mate - will check them out