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  1. Hello Webflake Users! I thought I would share this Bundle I found on Stacksocial Its a 5-Hour Developer Bundle the Bundle is listed below that you would learn in 1 Hour. Learn CSS in 1-Hour Course Learn JavaScript in 1-Hour Course Learn JQuery in 1-Hour Course Learn HTML5 In 1-Hour Course ​Its a great place to start from If you want to learn HTML etc.. Get this Bundle while you can, It will expire in 4 hours!! DO NOT MISS OUT!!!! Also, If you love free stuff! Visit Stacksocial here!
  2. My choice would have to be Xenforo. I have used IPB in the past, but I have to say Xenforo is better
  3. Mind posting how you resolved the issue for other users?
  4. I installed this 2 addon they are: I solved my problem by installing then edited my CSS for the User-Rank-Ribbons. The reason I installed TMS because the version we have on here is not the updated one from Xenforo, So I was reading Xenforo threads and then download TMS and POW it worked Also my profile picture was made from a close friend Edit: Next time I will remember to read the notice it
  5. Hello, I have a problem with my User Rank Ribbons addon I installed from here. The problem is, I installed them perfectly with no errors but they do not show at all.. Could someone help me please? Thank you. Edit: Problem Solved.
  6. Hey, Could you maybe update this?

  7. Welcome to Webflake! Enjoy your time here
  8. Hey alex, welcome to webflake :)

    1. X_Cube_X


      Thank you :)

      Sorry for late reply :P

  9. Welcome to Webflake If you need any help or support don't be scared to ask anyone
  10. Hello, Pizzaboy You need these to become Moderator. Requirements: You need to have at least 40 posts You need to be 15 years or older You need to be able to speak and write English You need to be(come) active on WebFlake You need to have a basic understanding of moderation and the tasks associated with it Skype Account [Microphone preferred, but not needed] ​More information can be found here on being a moderator on Webflake
  11. Hey, I'm alex im new :)

  12. Hello my name is Alex I'm happy i joined this site because of my friend damo... I really enjoy Metting new sites and the staff thats its lol