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  1. whos read topic

    yes i know this but not display below in topic
  2. whos read topic

    hello i search whos read topic for this version.
  3. Ajax Thanks

    its work version 4.2.5?
  4. Greek Language

    I search Greek Language
  5. Youtube Size

    i converted from 3.4.8 to 4.5.05 and cant find the settings to resize it. It shows way too big. Why does it show too big and where to fix it? i see this but where this? .ipsEmbeddedVideo.ipsEmbeddedVideo_limited > div, .ipsEmbeddedVideo:not( .ipsEmbeddedVideo_limited ) { witdth: 80% !important; }
  6. Shoutbox v1.0.1.7

    i install but display home why?
  7. Advertising problem

    i see me too now this message>How fix?
  8. Images behind forums

    upload images but not display image in section
  9. Images behind forums

    i add photo back on the latters in forums,i not have picture check pm
  10. Images behind forums

    yes i know this but i see forum diplay behinde letters
  11. Images behind forums

    How can add image display behind forum categories?
  12. signature & avatar

    ok check message
  13. signature & avatar

    i change & avatar in groups
  14. signature & avatar

    ok i change signature,but how remove line?avatar how change?
  15. signature & avatar

    can you help me more i find add-ons?