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  1. Well, `->first()` is named for what it's used for. Getting the first results from the query. If you have multiple records you want to use, then remove the `->first()` and treat the variable `$user_in` as a collection. That means you either need to iterate on the result and do something or use it as a whole. With the correct member id is where you set the `where` clause for your query. If something is unclear, please refer to the developer documentation: https://invisioncommunity.com/developers/docs/general/
  2. Either permission issues with your MySQL user, or your MySQL installation is broken if the `SHOW VARIABLES;` query doesn't work there, which under the hood calls `performance_schema.session_variables` table. Contact your hosting provider to help you with that.
  3. In case you're running IPS on your own server, first make sure mbstring extension is installed (i.e. "sudo apt install php-mbstring"). If it's already installed and still disabled, check the /etc/php.d/mbstring.ini file and ensure that extension=mbstring.so is set. There are also other utilities to do this instead of manually, i.e. php5enmod or php5dismod using command such as: "sudo php5enmod mbstring". Otherwise, just contact your hosting provider and tell them to enable mbstring php extension.
  4. Check the further details in the image you attached: "How to fix it?". It's very likely related to your .htaccess configurations. You may want to generate it through the AdminCP, can't remember exactly where from the top of my head, but I remember that's what I ended up doing back then and then altering it further as needed. In terms of permissions, IPS is super picky about it; as the error says, 755 for folders and 666 for directories. However, pay attention to this page: https://invisioncommunity.com/4guides/advanced-options/configuration-options/controlling-file-and-folder-permiss
  5. Unless there is already plugin for that, an idea would be to develop a plugin that query the database when the user creates a post to get the previous post. Then do the comparison of how similar the post or whatever post validation you need to do. If considered matched, do the action, e.g. spam filter banning someone. irc IPS comes with Spam filter built-in feature, but it's a paid feature or some sort, unsure as I haven't further looked into that.
  6. Curious question; why would someone need to do this? It feels like it defeats the purpose of registering / login through i.e. gmail. Generally speaking apart from the convenience of not having to type passwords, it's even safer from a security perspective.
  7. These are font awesome icons. You can right click and inspect elements on them. They always start with prefix fa-. In the AdminCP where you can themes css / html you can search for it and just alter that icon from the html.
  8. Well it depends on the level of activity in your forum, how many members post daily etc... There are different ways to approach it, like making js validation for the content and if too short, too many links, in other words suspicious post for potential spam, do a toaste notification as a warning.
  9. So it was an hosting issue and your problem is now solved? Did you ask your hosting what did they fix?
  10. When you say default install, you mean that your platform is running without any custom plugins, apps, themes etc...? And you still experience this issue? If that's the case, then something is off and I'll try reinstall to try and reproduce the issue.
  11. I couldn't find any error string in source with that "an error occurred while processing this directive". Where this error comes from? Can you post a screenshot? Are you having some custom plugins / application enabled? which IPS version? too many factors to give you support. In newer IPS versions (>= 4.6), the AdminCP Get Support page usually reports warnings of things that could potentially affect the performance or functionality of your platform. Have you looked there?
  12. Sounds like either pagination is broken on your end due to some plugin that you're using or datastore cache is acting up. Have you attempt pruning System Cache from AdminCP? It's in "Get Support".
  13. Quick tutorial on how to do this quickly. You'll need access to MySQL CLI, but perhaps could also work with the AdminCP MySql Toolbox - I haven't tested to confirm. Before anything, make sure to create a backup of your database. This is a simple procedure: first we need to generate the ALTER queries to see what we change in case things go wrong: SET @DATABASE_NAME = 'name_of_your_db'; SELECT CONCAT('ALTER TABLE `', table_name, '` ENGINE=InnoDB;') AS sql_statements FROM information_schema.tables AS tb WHERE table_schema = @DATABASE_NAME AND `ENGINE` = 'MyISAM' AND
  14. Go to to your AdminCP and click on "Get Support", e.g. mysite/admin/?app=core&module=support&controller=support Then click on "Clear system caches". 4.6.6 indeed fixed / improved many issues with the CKEditor, so I believe it could be cache indeed. Can you describe in details what you changed to fix this for future reference? A screenshot would help when it comes to visuals. Also reproducibility if there is.
  15. I had a similar issue while attempting to upgrade. What Tony said above could also be the cause for these errors, but if it's not the case, try replacing the admin directory with a fresh one. For some reason on my end it got corrupted at some point and that solved my issue.