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  1. Galaxy


    Amazing theme @Phun
  2. I use Google Chrome and what about you?
  3. I don't get it, are we supporting the government to censor the internet or stopping the government from censoring the internet. Want an answer so I can vote for the right thing.
  4. From IPB3 to IPS4 I can see a 1 second delay on each page.
  5. Ohh, Look behind you!

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    2. James


      That pillow... ;)

    3. Zee


      My lovely bed.

    4. Erza


      I see a bed. I miss something in it.. Oh yeah, its me that missing in it. :(

  6. When I click on a forum it takes me to Cloudflare's 404 Page.
  7. Yea why not, $20K could one day become $75 Billion Profit* (*Apple)