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  1. This is taking too long, can you share the code here :)
  2. Can someone share this file or upload the txt file here.
  3. Yea it would be great.
    Amazing theme @Phun
  4. I edited my post with a poll.
  5. I use Google Chrome and what about you?
  6. Apache and Nginx are the two most common open source web servers in the world. Which one do you use?
  7. Love the theme, Great work.
  8. I don't get it, are we supporting the government to censor the internet or stopping the government from censoring the internet. Want an answer so I can vote for the right thing.
  9. From IPB3 to IPS4 I can see a 1 second delay on each page.
  10. Suggestion

    I agree with the first one, i think we should have some kind of credit system which would make the forum more fun and actually give posting a new life. meh this is kinda useless it may consume more server resources, to see someone's avatar just however over that persons name. I think Justin ™ (ForumCore) suggested this and i think ​this caused ForumCore an issue, i can also remember @Davlin implemented the 3 post thing at the beginning of WebFlake and again caused useless utter spam posts. waste of database space, @Phun & @Davlin can do this with simpe HTML & CSS knowledge.
  11. Ohh, Look behind you!

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    2. Saviour


      That pillow... ;)

    3. Zee


      My lovely bed.

    4. Erza


      I see a bed. I miss something in it.. Oh yeah, its me that missing in it. :(