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  1. Paisley4

    Edit menu

    Can you give us better screen (more visible items)? Because I don't know what do you mean about this menu.
  2. You can use cloudflare DNS server for your free domain. (It's so easy to configure) and it will show you have secured forum.
  3. If you mean IPS you can use (BIM) Chatbox FREE
  4. You tried clearing forum's cache?
    App works. For working you have to remove app from IPS (remember about making backup in sql and translation), and install it by putting folder in applications and installing from ACP.
  5. Try this in group's name prefix: <span style="color: linear-gradient(to right, #fc0303, #c203fc);"> and paste this in group's name suffix: </span> Tip: If you want same color as on other forum, click right on text with group name. Check code and copy their span.
  6. This is feature of IPS, there is no plugin. If you are using old version of IPS (4.2 etc.) you can install IPS 4.5, there is defaultly displaying subforums.
  7. You have to run all this commands in your forum SQL server to add all emails to banlist.
  8. Hello, nice to meet you
  9. Is database on same server as forum?
  10. If you recent changed pass to database, you have to change it in forum.
  11. Hello! May you have a nice stay with us!
  12. IPS have special folder "datastore" where are saving data, and special database for that. Before you start using IPS you have to install your forum, installing is creating new files etc. Upgrade is making something similar, buy isn't changing anything.
  13. There you have all queries for adding lots of 10 minutes mails. ban_list_IPS4.txt