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  1. Well, yes! Mostly just layer styles, but nontheless, it's pleasing to see people still creating things as hobbyists. A few years ago, hobbyist designers were everywhere, nowadays though, its hard to find people who just design to design, so I really enjoy seeing people such as yourself making the ambitious move towards designing just to design. Even nowadays with me having a career in designing, I still like designing for the fun of it. I hope you continue your drive for it, which I see you are with that last topic you made!
  2. I'm not too sure about this. The gradients are very Web 2.0, and considering this is a web resource oriented forum, keeping up with the modern styles is something essential. In 2017, I'd suggest that the gradients are subtle, and the font be clean and professional. Some niches can get away with a logo of this caliber, but not one like WebFlake. There's a lot of "choppiness" as well with the snowflake. The ambition is nice, though. i just feel like the style needs to be modernized. KIU. *Had no clue this topic was this old. Just the second down in the Design forum. Oops. Lol.
  3. Version LATEST as of 8/20


  4. So pretty much, this is a reintroduction. Lol Hey guys, my name is Chance. I've done a lot of graphic work in the past, even here. A little bit about myself. My name is Chance, I'm a 21 year old Web & Graphic Designer. I work as a Digital Creative Director for a media group which runs 7 radio stations, a news site, and several other high traffic web sites. I am currently in the production of adding a forum to our arsenal about music discussion, so I'm hoping that goes places. Last week, I had my first daughter by the name of Abigail, so pretty much I work 24/7 for her. Lol. I'm not exactly into the "free download" scene, but I am in the forum scene so I feel like I can fit in just as well! Haha.
  5. Just a header so far... Haven't designed in a few months, actually.
  6. I decided to make a ZetaBoards theme out of boredom. It's not a software I believe will get any recognition for it's quality, but with me beign most well-known there, I though it was the best way to be making the announcement that I am now designing again after a long break. So, check it out:
  7. Lol thanks everyone.
  8. Gimme the link to the website via PM?
  9. I'll work on that then.
  10. Thanks, what don't you like about it?
  11. I really like it. We should work together on some themes sometime.
  12. Thanks banned guy! Haha yes it is.
  13. Something else I needa finish
  14. Thread Designs I could be bargained with as I haven't done them before, but I'm sure I could do it fairly easy seeing how I can do much more extensive things, haha. Forum Design PSDs I charge 50-75 dollars depending on what it is. HTML/CSS PSDs I charge about 75+, again, depending. This is more expensive because the layout is not already there for me to follow, unlike on a forum design. Some people might call my prices a little harsh, but that's only because they don't realize I put at least 24 hours into the design process of my work (not thread designs I imagine). So at that, I'm making below minimum wage, so I am going way below what I should haha. Open to discussion on all of this if you'd like to message me.
  15. Updates

    Haven't been here in quite sometime, good updates Phun.