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  1. I was made aware by an user. Then, I created a Hotmail account and checked this was true. I forgot to come back to this topic, but I indeed had to send a support request to Microsoft. They ended up doing something on their end and emails were finally landing in users' inboxes again.
  2. Yeah, I had some trouble with that too. But if I remember well, you need to post an Instagram or FB video on your forums, copy its link (the video, not the forum post) and paste it in their forms.
  3. You have to get approval from Facebook to use oEmbed. Once they approve it, you have to get its ID and paste it in your admin panel. Type 'embed' in your panel's searchbox and you should find it.
  4. Hey guys, All my transactional emails (newsletters, PMs, followed content) are landing in users' spam box, but apparently this is only happening for Hotmail addresses. Gmail, for example, is fine! I've tested Sendinblue, Sendgrid, Zoho... I'm also using DKIM, DMARC and whatever authentication providers require nowadays. My domain is .com and doesn't show in any blacklists. Any tips here?
  5. So, I'm considering buying an original license in the near future for legal reasons. Is it easy to migrate or switch from a nulled version to an original license? How do I remove IPS checks for nulled plugins, if they exist, from the original version? I'd appreciate the advice!
  6. I managed to establish conditions by changing some of the theme's code, with the help of somebody else. If anyone is interested, I can post it here when I have some time available.
  7. Found the culprit: IPS' update (4.6.3). It was nothing on my end. To fix it, while @Tonykindly works on making latest patch available, go to Members > Content Moderation > Spam Prevention. Change it from Invisible reCAPTCHA to reCAPTCHA V2.
  8. I did some more testing and found out this only happens when using full registration form instead of quick registration. And, like I said, Google and Facebook registration work fine!
  9. You're very welcome! Which one has fixed it though? Enabling mbstring or changing the php version?
  10. Hi, So I just found an error that seemed to have been happening for a while. Nobody had notified me because my community is small. After filling the forms and clicking to Register, users are taken to an infinite loading screen. I can see no errors being displayed in the logs (system, error logs). Their registering doesn't go through, they don't even show as pending. Registering with Google or Facebook works fine. Does anyone have any idea why that is happening, or how to debug it? I have already tried disabling customizations, for example. No luck. Thanks!
  11. Check if mbstring is active in your php extensions. Also, try using a different php version - I'm using 7.4.
  12. Once you click to display the dropdown list, nothing appears? Mine looks the same as yours, but once I click it, it shows me the options just fine.
  13. Try following this tutorial, it'll work: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/7738-editor-message-box/?do=findReview&review=12508