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  1. How much does the application costs? Is it possible to see all information inside the ACP including the picture and information used in the verification even if these already verified? Does these KYC services cost us money? Why is there $10 fee in your screenshot? Also do you have discord?
  2. I am trying to upload file using internal IPS api and $_FILES php: <?php $_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME'] = __FILE__; require_once 'init.php'; $init = \IPS\Session\Front::i(); echo "Filename: " . $_FILES['file']['name']."<br>"; echo "Type : " . $_FILES['file']['type'] ."<br>"; echo "Size : " . $_FILES['file']['size'] ."<br>"; echo "Temp name: " . $_FILES['file']['tmp_name'] ."<br>"; echo "Error : " . $_FILES['file']['error'] . "<br>"; $image = \IPS\Image::create( $_FILES['file']['tmp_name'] ); echo $image; ?> this sadly doesn't work, anyone know whic
  3. This should be recommended at official IPB forums too!
  4. i tried send you private message but it seems you cannot receive anymore i added you on discord thanks
  5. mrnagger


  6. {{foreach \IPS\nexus\Money::currencies() as $currency}} {{if isset( \IPS\nexus\Customer::loggedIn()->cm_credits[$currency])}} {{$credits = \IPS\nexus\Customer::loggedIn()->cm_credits[$currency];}} {{if $credits->amount->isGreaterThanZero()}} {lang="credit_balance"}: {$credits} {{endif}} {{endif}} {{endforeach}}