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  1. I'm using IPB 4.4 and it doesn't work, sometimes it does but doesn't work correctly.
  2. I've already did that last week ago. It doesn't work and I want the moving one not that. Just like on the video that I upload.
  3. Hello, how can I make usernames like this? I've also seen some tutorials out there but it doesnt work for me. RGB james.mp4
    What a nice theme! lol. @aXen Good job! Good to see that we're both gameserver owners!
  4. Hello, guys. How can I embed gametracker iframe src like this.
  5. Hello, I got a problem in chatbox+. It doesn't display correctly. Screenshots: My friend has same version of IPS as mine, but the chatbox+ appears correctly no bugs. Screenshots: Edit: I just notice the chatbox+ of my friend was different than mine. I try to ask him to fix this but it seems they are busy. PS: Sorry for the blurd screenshots, bad quality tho.
  6. Hmm you can wait for the new version to be uploaded here or just simply buy the application in IPB marketplace. Devs are already updating their apps for IPS 4.5 to support it.
  7. I follow @Oni Guide, and it works. As he stated above I paste this code <span class="clrSparkle"> in the first box then I paste this code </span> to second box 2nd, I go to my themes >> My theme >> edit html and css >> css tab >> custom css >> then I paste this code: clrSparkle { color: #56deff; font-weight: bold; background: url(https://i.imgur.com/8wxFgdm.gif); } And it works! Here's the screenshots: And btw can I ask one more question in this thread or I should create another one? My question is how can I customize the sidepage slider?
  8. Btw thanks for your guide! It's working now! Thank you!
  9. Hello, how can I make a group with sparkling usernames or like this: I've already seen some forums that talking about this, I try to follow their instructions but it seems not working at all. I'm using Invision Power Board 4.4.10 (upgrading to 4.5.2)
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