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  1. I've always used Namecheap. If there was ever an issue, their support team would always be as helpful as possible and we would get everything fixed and running. I had a few issues with IPS 4, and NC support was able to fix it and make sure the issues stopped. Easy to use, cPanel, and pricing is definitely good. I've used my nulled IPB 3.2x on Namecheap before, never had an issue.
  2. GENoCYDE_

    DOOM Eternal

    Got it day before it released, streamed it from start to finish on the same day. I've been a huge DOOM fan my entire life, and DOOM Eternal was amazing! Looking forward to the new DLC pack coming out soon.
    Works just like the one I used to use back on IPB 3.2, absolutely no complaints! Takes me back, actually.
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