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  1. A cheat cannot check whether it is detected or not (except an AC-Software has a public database with signatures of each detected cheat), so these values getting updated manually. I don't think this is a plugin, it could be one but I think it's just custom HTML block which is edited manually. Add me on Discord if you want this as a plugin - 5$
  2. All services I offer are hereby discontinued on this platform.  Remaining orders will of course be processed and delivered.

    If you want to contact me, please only via Discord.

  3. If you just want to move your current forum to another server/hoster: Make a backup of your current site (Copy the files and save them somewhere) Make a backup of your database (Export your database as .sql and save it somewhere) Move all the files to your new website and also import your .sql dump in your new database. Open the config_global.php and change site URL and database details.
  4. That requires a bit more than just some HTML modifications. I made a plugin for that a while ago if you are interested.
  5. Added a new plugin for IPS 4.5 to the shop: Author Background 1.0.0 This plugin displays a background image in the info panel of a user, uploaded and set by the administrator or user itself. Settings. These are the available Settings options: Enable/Disable Gradient Type (3 options) Background Size Permissions. These are the available Permission options: Everyone can upload and set backgrounds Only specific member's can upload and set backgrounds Only specific member groups can upload and set backgrounds Screenshots: Price: $10.00
  6. Probably using an outdated, incompatible or broken application. The error log doesn't reveal the full path of the missing class, so I can't tell you which one it is to look for. Would be also nice to know which application you are using.
  7. This is not just for formatting groups, you can apply these everywhere you want. You can paste the CSS code in your themes custom.css as an example. If you need assistance, show me exactly what you want to achieve and I'll help you.
  8. Sure pal! Common way using the HTML <img> tag: <img src="https://icons.iconarchive.com/icons/chanut/role-playing/24/Potion-icon.png"><span>samavoda</span> Which looks like this: , We could also swap the position of both elements: . <span>samavoda</span><img src="https://icons.iconarchive.com/icons/chanut/role-playing/24/Potion-icon.png"> The <span> tag is not necessary in this example but in general it's used to grouping of inline-elements/properties, like this: <span style="color: red;font-weight: bold;">samavoda</span> Outcome: Alternative way using CSS only (will be cached): .samavoda { color: #b57efa; font-weight: bold; } .samavoda::before { content: url(https://icons.iconarchive.com/icons/chanut/role-playing/24/Potion-icon.png); } As you can see we have 2 classes, the second one extends the first one using a ::before Selector. Let's see what that selector does: <span class="samavoda">samavoda</span> Outcome: , as you can see it does exactly the same thing, except that we have to manually center the vertical-align of the image. Using ::after instead of ::before does the same as swapping elements in HTML templates like showed above. This way just makes your code more maintainable. Stick to the first way if you don't have too much inline-properties, it's easier and your styling doesn't get cached.
  9. WELCOME TO ONI'S SHOP! IPS Products & Services: → Prebuild IPS Themes Only for IPS 4.5 or higher, coming soon. → Prebuild IPS Applications and Plugins Author Background - Click here for additional information More coming soon. → Custom IPS Themes, Applications and Plugins You want a unique forum theme or can't find a plugin that suits your needs? Let's make your ideas a reality! GFX Services: → Logos → Banners → Rankbars → Avatars, Icons and more! Additional Services: → Performance Optimization - $5.00 Whether Task Configuration, Site Caching or External Storage Systems, we'll find the right solution for every situation. Payment Method: PayPal, Discord: Oni#8415 In the near future I will create some topics as a showcase and link them here so that you can take a look at my work and decide whether it is worth your money or not.
  10. Seems like your site is being under a DDoS attack. I've been watching your online users page (https://www.kerdsteam.com/index.php?/online/) for a while now and it seems like the size of the attack is around 630 - 650 connections. (According to your site - also looks like the numbers are going down.) Ineffective since your site isn't slowed down on my end, you could ignore it for now and contact your hosting provider. If you don't wanna just sit there and wait, make a Cloudflare account, it's free and a good solution for most attacks.
  11. Hello @AGUI, your forum looks currently like this: If you really want to center your logo, it will look like this: Add this line to your custom.css: #elSiteTitle, #elLogo { margin: 0 auto; } That's how easy it is!
  12. Check out this article https://cssgradient.io/blog/css-gradient-text/ for CSS text gradients. To add images, just use the HTML img tag: <img src="link_to_your_image.png"> If you want to use CSS-only, take a look at the CSS ::before or ::after Selector for the image.
  13. Hello @buster33 and welcome to WebFlake! Glad to see you being a part of our community.
  14. That's a weird one but I remember helping someone out who had exactly the same issue. Are you using Cloudflare caching or any local caching services like Redis? If so, please try to purge all cached files.
  15. I looked at your forum, there were no files to download, so I uploaded a test file and tried to download it as a guest, which did not work Should be good, if you have any further questions related to permission configuration feel free to message me on Discord like always.
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