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  1. I'm the first, and one of two only people that 'donated' towards the production of that addon... it's not going well so far, I hope it eventually results in something... Personally, I don't want to just index torrents... I need a fully fledged private tracker torrent system........
    even adding the application manually to the applications folder and trying to fix chmod permissions didnt work
  2. On my IPS forum, members cannot post any kind of links, including embeds, I'm not even 100% sure how I have this setup, I don't think it's spam proteciton or anything, I think it's the usergroup option that links/embeds go into the moderator queue to be approved or deleted - I'd like to keep it this way, but I'd like to whitelist giphy embeds, does anyone know if there's an easy way of doing this? I posted this then I believe I immediately found the setting in the admin panel afterwards... System > Posting > Links
  3. https://github.com/devCU/IPS-BitTracker This code is posted on Github, but the dev isn't very responsive and I'm not sure how much of the code available publically is close to being finished, and how much is missing, I'd be interested in hiring a developer to get something like this done
  4. Will a lot of plugins and applications stop working when upgrading? I'm using quite a few plugins and applications mainly downloaded from webflake
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