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  1. i Have Customize Theme if you want i can give you.
  2. Hello i need your Help When i Open Simple Member Role id Forum theme everythign working Perfect but when i open Admins or moderator Role id i got My page like this can someone Help me with this Please Please Help me to Fix This .. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE
  3. WHich Version YOu Have installd ?
  4. Hello i am Using v4.4.9invision Version Today i Got issue with my theme My Recent topic Recent update ETC Widget Automatically go down and i can't fix it or Delete it i have changed Themes i Set Default Too But it's not worked for me Please Anyone can help me with This i'm Very Worried About it. Other half Fonts and style are fine half are Bad Don't know what's the issue. Link : www.jomgegar.net Please take a Look And Help Me If you can. THANK
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