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  1. DAMNED..... Read Please!
  2. Simple. URL is Parsed by File System Functions. Example of vBulletin -> https://blog.yakuza112.org/2014/vbulletin-3-x4-x-csrf-img-tag-exploit-fix-v3/ You can normally change links and images etc etc etc by File System where url start parsed!
  3. I will change something in file sysstem, i need to know where url's are displayed / parsed to show them in posts etc.
  4. How can i color external url's in the code to have internal codes like www.myforum.com as normal white and external code like www.myfakeboard.com as red links? in all links you can have should have a red line and internal links are all white Example : - Internal URL => White Link https://webflake.sx - External URL => Red Link https://webflake.sooo - Fake Internal Link => Red Link https://webflake.sx
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