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  1. ElaraCheats

    Help :)

    Thanks for helping, everything went good, do you have any idea how do I setup and bitcoin payment method
  2. ElaraCheats

    Help :)

    Hello dear webflake community I have an question, since I never used this type things xml files or anything related to web designs, I already have my website 70% setup, I have an old version of IPS, invision community installed on my forum, current version is Invision Community v4.4.8 And I keep getting message that Version 4.4.10 of Invision Community is now available and includes a security update Okay I get it, but when I download new version 4.4.10 what do I do with it? Do I just copy all the files and put it in public_html in FileZilla? I don't want to do this without any help or mentions Will I lose my whole forum that's created and start with new BLANK invision community forum, ??? waiting for further reply's thanks ! Regards... Elara
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