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  1. hi i am using application called donations i have everyting working fine but permotion when member donate dont permote to group i wants the permote screenshot below u can see i wants members to permote VIP group but they dont
  2. Contact your host they can solve in a min they need to whitelist some rules
  3. Someone update Donations application 3.5.4 for ips 4.6 please
  4. I think user can't upload all u can do it from admin cp
  5. Maybe they purchased new version I am ready to pay half if u wants we can purchase latter share with other members also
    i installed application configure bot setting after read instructions but its not show the sigup or sign for telegram
  6. hello i have issue with theme called Fluent Design Theme Edition 4.0.2 By aXenDev i used that theme before on ips 4.5 but now i update version of this theme whenever i try to click on edite theme and try to save its throw error please i cant figure out issue even i uninstalled and install again still same there no problem with other themes i can edite that i added screenshot of error edite: even i upgrade my ips version to 4.6.7 still same error please help Edite2: this issue is solved cause of whoisGurad protection by hosting providers it's trigger the rule for this the
  7. Why we can't purchase if 3 peoples wants contribute and purchase it Latter share with peoples also
  8. unfortunatly i never found the colour change in tamplate or css