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  1. I installed my ssl and my whole website is secure but when i try and log into Admin CP. I click Send Anyway and it brings me back to this page then i sign in and get the same error "The information you’re about to submit is not secure" I click view page source to see whats causing this and I search for HTTP: because I figured its something that isn't secure but I don't know where to find this line of code in my website file manager Line that I believe is causing this error - <form accept-charset='utf-8' m
  2. Using Version 4.5.2 I click Admin CP and it gives me that error I have the .htacess file in my admin folder any ideas how to fix it
  3. I've already deleted files and re installed them
  4. I click this button then it gives me a 404 error the version I installed is 4.4.10 and everything else works its just when i try to go to admin cp heres what my file manager looks like
  5. Uploaded files and everything works execpt when i try to login to admin cp it gives me a 404