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  1. You can request this add-on : https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8741-dp45-single-use-license-keys/
  2. Hey all Today i start to sell my services on my website. Tired of paying 45€/month for a cPanel license? Buy your license on WebLicense.host ! Our Prices : cPanel VPS : 5€/months cPanel Dedi : 9€/months CloudLinux : 3€/months Imunify 360 : 5€/months Virtualizor : 4,5€/months Plesk VPS : 3€/months Plesk Dedi : 6€/months WHMCS Buisness License : 6€/months and many more... Our licenses are NOT stollen or cracked ! Our services are 100% legit and registred in France under the name " WebLicense ,LTD" We Accept PayPal and Bitcoin (2 Confirmations needed for bitcoin payments). Once your payment is finished, you will automaticaly/instant get your license! We also provide hosting and VPS. Visit our Website for more informations : https://weblicense.host
  3. Hi all I make this tutorial ,because since 4.5.0 is released, we can't download anymore on IPS Market. But it's always possible ! i will show you how. That's really easy ! 1. go on IPS Marketplace and then,choose your Application(s) and click on Install 2. install it on your main/licensed forum. 3. When your Applications/Plugins are installed, Just enable developer Mode on IPS 4. Go on your Admin panel>Applications(or plugins) 5. Click on Download and choose download without building 7. You can now download Applications and share it on your favorite forum
  4. Hello, I have a XenForo License who will expire next years with Ressource Manager and I want to exchange it for a IPS Community License with forum Regards
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