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  1. this is really amazing man wonderful work by u. love your work site looks super dope
  2. Hello Everyone I am glad to be a part here ! i recently start using IPS 4.4 for the first time. All thanks to this great forum "Webflake" . i got all files from here, nice tutorials. I has started learning things from here
  3. So i recently has started using IPS 4.4 for the first time. This is my website footer I tried a lot to change this Theme by Templanet and remove Home , All Activity, Mark Site Read Text from footer and didn't got succeeded . I want a footer like Webflake. All text of footer in Center like this. Can anyone provide me exact same code for it and where to put that code ? my footer not looking good, but webflake one is dope Please help if you have code and where to put that code. Thanks in advance
  4. maaka

    Footer icon

    @S!r.ReaDy sir can u tell me how to remove this whole part.. i tried alot but didnt find.. i want this part as weblake one in center i want to like this full please help. can u guide me with code also ! thank you
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