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  1. Indeed I had changed my menu but after reflection, I decided to delete my primary site and only put my forum as the one and only website. My forum was not the only website that I had to manage so I am substantially redoing what I had on my primary site on my forum, so only one website to deal with now lol. So far, everything is fine and no link errors ... Thank you very much to all of you my WebFlake friends!
  2. Same Problem whit my "Home Button" ...
  3. that is not the problem Unfortunately and I have to search in my database where to modify but I did not find. So would you be able to remove the Home button from the tab list?
  4. Good evening everyone, I have a link problem on my forum. Several links are missing the extension <index.php? > at the end, which brings us back to pages of errors. Someone could explain to me where can I fix this and how to do it please? Thank you very much!
  5. Hi all Webflake members, I am Darkam from Quebec to Canada. I am a proud supporter of the Montreal Canadiens and I love surfing the net! I love your community and hope to find everything I need! Thank you very much for accepting me with you, See you soon!
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