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  1. sarvin


    Hi guys. anyone Can design ips award system like Mybb Colored awards ? ? Like this
  2. Hi, sry for bad english , my lang is russian, Is there a training on this topic in IPS ? postbit background for each user, like this Change the postbit background via the image link for each user If the administrator gives them access for more detail About my question >>> click it
    not work in some languages. I think we should wait for the fixed and complete version.
  3. Hi, sorry for my bad english. becuase my language not english. I have a question for programmer friends. How to set a conditional codes in the board ? example 1 : if the user is admin, his background will be a flower or etc... But if the user is VIP member, his background will be changed to the a cat. example 2 : if normal member signed in. show the forum rules. if admin signed in . dont show the rules i want to change user groups postbit background. There are various tutorials on the web, but none are complete.