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  1. RoNaN72


    this appeared on my forum, how can i remove it? is marked with the circle
  2. icon that was supposed to be spoiler is like quote icon to be quote is like a preview I have already restored the CKEDITOR settings
  3. solution to that warning?
  4. I managed to change, only that my posts that I made with the old ID are as "visitor" the username. when I make a new post, it already has the new ID!
  5. is it possible to change the member ID of IPS 4.4.10?
  6. solved by installing the "Group colors in user links" plug-in along with this plugin, the problem has been solved.
  7. How to fix this? : I'm using the plugin below:
  8. how to remove "VULPES" copyright theme?
  9. Is there a plugin to redirect a member to a topic after registration?
  10. it doesn't work on topics and who's online!
  11. this ranking is in the member's profile in "about me" in the profile.
  12. how to make this rgb effect?
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