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  1. I had this problem and it couldn't be solved, if you didn't installed the IPS on https but on http you should change that in conf_global.json (i dont think sure if this is the name)
  2. Pvsolski

    Font Problem

    Hey, I have the entire forum font changed but this isnt changed https://gyazo.com/abedf4c72c5052d104ea4e91cfb92b6c ((the automatic box when someone sends a topic link from the same forum)) Can someone help me? PS: I'm using VULPES theme by LIS KODUJE
  3. Ok EDIT: still not working..
  4. Hey, I'm having 4.4.10 with the next issue: Some images aren't showing, default avatars are showing like that https://gyazo.com/70a3b8b4f4d5613776222ed7084a1cc9 and reputation buttons the same https://gyazo.com/9e401e1a5209b33406613cd92d11a779 . When you change the avatar to yours, it shows good. The problem is only at default avatars and reps. Does anyone know how to fix? PS: I keep the IPS version updated always.
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