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  1. Thanks you mate, I found all i needed in the css !
  2. Hi Ty for your awnser ; the permission seems to be already give to all users : EDIT : I SOLVED my problem , yeah it was the permissions ! Ty for ur help !
  3. Hi, i want put a chat box on my test forum so i use a plugin nammed bimchatbox but when i try to put it on the website this message appear : I was thinking it was because of my theme so i tried to remove it and as u can see it isn't working , i tried to re-install ips too , not working I'm on IPS 4.4.8 Anyone now how i can add a chat box ? And why this message appear even on default IPS apllication (block) Ty for helping me
  4. Hi Ty for your anwser , they are not there ; they should be in the css of the theme , but anyone know where? UwU
  5. Hi Where i can edit thoses colors? Ty for helping me , i'm using a custom theme
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