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  1. Is there a nulled version ipbwi for WordPress?
  2. I did not touch, but at the moment he ceased to show a message. I'll to tell you if it happens again. I do not know what happened. Thank you!!!
  3. Today started this to me appears, when I go to my forum? What should I do? I do not speak English so if you can step-by-step explanation, pls.
  4. What code to use in to set flash banner swf in ip board/system/Ad Code Integration? Swf file is located on the public_html.
  5. I deleted everything from the host, and Again I have reupload all the files and I get this error:
  6. 1. Where it says in the image version 3.4.5, it was written 3.4.4 so I uploaded files, I returned the old backup. 2. How do I turn off the "Suhosin Enabled"?
  7. I can not do upgrade my forum. I uploaded new files.
  8. I wanted something like a "offshorewebspace.net" They were extra towards me. I have warez with about 5000 members and 16200 posts.
  9. Since "offshorewebspace.net" closes, suggest me some good warez hosting. That is not very expensive, which allow warez and nulled IPB. Thank you.
  10. I am a beginner :)Thank you very much, You are my crush
  11. Appeared to me this in Admin Panel. How to fix. Sorry for my bad English.
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