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  1. Greetings I want to delete the www and leave my site without www, in addition to locating my site that is in forum put it as example: https://www.ejemplo.com/forum a https://forum.ejemplo.com how do I do this action.
  2. Greetings I need you, some kind of tutorial to guide me how to migrate from xenforo to ips ... I would appreciate the help, is that I like more ips of a lifetime when ipb came out.
  3. Good morning from Cuba, I wish you could help me, I know I have not bought any support because Cubans cannot make that type of purchase ... but I would like to support me in a plugin for the approval of the avatar, so that So users cannot post avatar without being approved by the administration, please help me. Waiting for help.
  4. The end of this series did not guide me much, I thought it would end differently, in a general sense I loved the atmosphere special effects in the end except the end in which they kill the dragon queen and die before this chapter. queen cersei, really nod ebia die so it was something symbolic.
  5. Currently I really like this Black Clover series, his fight, his desire to continue fighting for something he wants and wants, despite being an orphan, a sociable partner and also the desire to become the chief magician in order to help and protect everyone.
  6. hello my name is osbel, I'm 42 years old I'm Cuban ... thanks to the community for letting me be here and so learn every day more about these CMS that I like and care about
  7. In many years I have admired this cms, for me it is the best there is on the internet, it is practical, professional and very dynamic ... In many years I have seen how platforms of this type have emerged but none compare with IPB now IPS gives continuity to the supremacy of this cms. What do you think about it? Netizens friends
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