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  1. https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8394-staff-application-forms-contact-us-polls-all-the-forms/ Does anyone have this? The previous 3.1.4 version doesn't work well with IPB v4.6.4
  2. To my knowledge as I have hosted couple nulled version of IPB in the past. 1. Nothing will happen 2. Your account with your hosting company gets suspended (But only if IPB decide to file a complaint) Best way to avoid this is buying the legit licence of IPB.
  3. JzVolt

    Rewrite URLs

    @ewHam I don't know if you fixed it or not since you haven't given an update on this. If you haven't solved it, have you enabled all 3 under SEO?
  4. By default, its Primary Group then Secondary Group. Unless you have the group set up differently on a user? EDIT: Just noticed that the group is listed as alphabetical order, therefore I don't think doing a random order will work.
  5. Under your server_ipb table, search the IP. Then you just need to look for what matches in whatever the table its listed and manually delete from there. I believe there's a quicker way to this, but I'm not familiar with phpmyadmin SQL's
  6. It looks like a custom made from this plugin:
  7. You can delete them in your database/phpmyadmin
  8. Right this took me some times, but I managed to figure it out. First, you need to go in ACP - Translate. Second, search "fluent_footer_block". Make sure each one of them is active and change ONLY the one that has _txt in the end of the key. Make sure you create a backup of the exisiting code and edit it from there.
  9. I don't think you followed my instruction at all. [data-forumid="#"] Change # to your section title ID. Sorry for bumping a month late.
  10. Title - custom.css [data-forumid="#"]>div.ipsDataItem_main>.ipsDataItem_title>a { color: #; } Description: You should be able to change anything in their own settings, "ACP - Community - Forum - Edit Forum"
  11. It would be a no. I don't think you understand what he tried to explain it to you. A Plugin/Application can cause error when your forum is under heavy load. So in this case check with your webhost provider of how many traffic is your site allowing. (Most of them is unlimited, but do be sure to check)
  12. Reason I asked that, because on my newly installed It have this option. And yes, I got the file from WebFlake.
  13. Best for you to open a new support thread.
  14. Thats interesting, you sure you on
  15. Really up to you, but my PM is open.