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  1. Thankss, but ins't there anything bad?
  2. Thank you very much for opinion, yes my main language Turkish but you can change it to English at the bottom of the site
  3. Thanks, I sent the code from private message
  4. a tiny website that I just opened and where I share cracked games I continue to improve website and add new games every day. I will be glad if you become a member VexaGames.com Pages I continue to develop, I would like to receive your suggestions and ideas. Random Games Game Tracker
  5. Version 2.2.2


    Features Support for item categories. Limits of how many items per member and mods/images/comments allowed per item set by per member group. Discussion topics options for items added. Ability to add custom fields into the main tag itself instead of a new tab. Featured items for those who want to feature items on the main collections system page. Tab system to organize multiple custom fields. Item comments for items your members add. Let your members add, edit and delete there own items, modifications and images. Upload multiple images for e
  6. Version 2.3.2


    The plugin show secondary groups on website in: Topics Hovercard Profile Search
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Converts the current value of hovercard activity to real time along with its last activity.
  8. Version 1.0


    Description : Cyber Apex is a template based mainly on gaming but with many options to change the look. It has the dark and light version but also with a lot of options to change the colors, wallpapers, etc. Links & Info : https://tectonicpx.com/themes [ Here you can find our demo templates ] https://tectonicpx.com/board [ Here you can find support for our themes ] Demo account [ name : [email protected] ] [ password : demo ] [ DEMO SITE : https://tectonicpx.com/board ] If you are a client, send me a pm on https://tectonicpx.com
  9. DicDal

    Nexxe Theme



    Nexxe Theme ( IPS version 4.6 ) Template with a choice of ( light/dark ) color versions. Colors and sizes using CSS Vars. Choosing the font color, the theme has many settings and can be fully customized. It's perfect for all forums, beautifully displaying all site content. Possibility to change header, slider, navigation, popus, forms, comments and much more.. (click) View demo (click) Login: demo Password: demo Applications and plugins used: Icons in the menu:
  10. Upgrading the ips version or theme is causing this. have to do it again
  11. Go to pubilc html > uploads > set_resources_xxx > and find a file callled 611124a2f69b15367efdcb200786025b_swiper.min.js or something like that press ctrl+f and search axen const _0x3d11=['querySelector','createElement','#elCopyright','href','title','innerHTML','aXenCopyright','appendChild','noopener','Theme\x20by\x20CHANGE HERE' Note: It may take some time before it appears on your site.
  12. do you have the v3.5.3 version of the video application?

    1. DicDal


      Sorry, I don't have 😕 

  13. The version of the application is very old, you need to buy the new version.
  14. DicDal

    IPS Updgrade

    You won't lose data during upgrade