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  1. Update: I lost access to my old Skype soIf you Want to buy courses add this skypelive:brunommartins3Discord is still the same
  2. i'm still selling this.Add my skype to purchase: robert.snow76or discord: Isanvel#5434
  3. i'm still selling this.Add my skype to purchase: robert.snow76or discord: Isanvel#5434
  4. thanks for your vouch! still selling skype: robert.snow76discord: Isanvel#5434
  5. Hello welcome to my store, i am selling any udemy courses for $5 you can choose any course you wish in any Language. The course will be gifted to your udemy account email. Add my skype to purchase: robert.snow76 or discord: Isanvel#5434 payment method accepted: -BTC -Paypal
  6. using vulpe theme i need help changing the icons it's not working
  7. i don't, do i need to re-install everything again?
  8. i tried this tutorial, i followed all steps but didn't work so i just deleted the code also i installed this plugin that would change forum icons didn't work as well
  9. rubyleaks.ga i noticed it now it doesn't show the category i created for my forum as well.
  10. i checked the config_global and it has my url without /index.php?/forums/ also i ran the something isn't working tool and didn't found any errors i disabled all the plugins but didn't fix. i even cleaned all my cache and cookies but didn't do anything at all.
  11. yes i've tried to put an icon there before but it stays too big.
  12. i have no idea why this happened i did not edit those files i could see the forum with my main url now i need to add /index.php?/forums/ to see the forum if i type only my url without /index.php?/forums/ i see this
  13. Hello i'm using Vulpes Dark Gaming Theme but i do not see any settings to change the forum icon can someone help me please? i tried the tutorial but it didn't work, the icons didn't change
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