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  1. Why are you using just free hosting? Is it just down to cost because you can get a VPS very cheap now to run a website on or blog or IPS and you want have any issues with backups.
  2. CyberOn


    I've been with OVh for well over 10 years now since the early Kimsufi servers which held up very well for quite sometime but they seem not to recycle their older parts over to the Kimsufi stock as much now. I now really only use OVH for my couple of Seedboxes which I have never had a problem with, I think that is down to only using private trackers though. I have now really moved away from OVH as ordering & deployment and their support I find pretty awful to be honest unless you're paying for their upper level support. I have now moved to Digital Ocean for all my VPS's for one the process is just so simple with them. I can deploy a VPS in seconds and just use it to test out something then when I don't need it I can destroy it and they only charge for whatever time I have used and not a full month. I've actually found that their support is okay but they are un-managed so unless you have a hardware issue you're not going to get a lot of help with software issues but they do have a load of tutorials and the community is pretty good. So now if I make a mistake on a setup that I can not be bothered to fixed I just destroy the VPS and start a new one, lazy I know but time wise it's just easy plus the specs of their stuff is pretty good as well. You can try one using this link with $10 credit (Please note I don't earn anything from that link, only if you end up spending something in the future, it just a way for you to try them out for free and it's not restricted use) I have also started to move some of my dedicated servers over to online'net as the specs are pretty good and have to say their support has been really good (Normally get a response within an hour even using the free support option) The only thing I don't like is their availability which runs out quickly and they have some setup fees I don't like plus cancelling a product is a bit weird but if they have stock deployment is very quick I can pay by DD and if you can get your head around their cancellation policy they are great. I have 5 servers with them and only had one issue with the CPU failing they replaced the whole server with 48 minutes from me reporting the fault and being back up and running. I know OVH are growing very fast all over the world and are still one of the cheapest around so I will always keep something with them but you have to look around and try something new every now and then I think.
  3. Yeah OVH does not have the best software support but the hardware support has always been spot on for me. Though I tend only to use Kimsufi servers for my SeedBoxes and don't need much management. For my normal hosting I use their other dedicated server ranges, still one of the cheapest dedicated server companies around IMO.
  4. No problem, I like Plesk 12 it's easy to use. If you need any help just let me know.
  5. cpanel and plesk are not free you have to pay for a licence after using a trial licence. There are free panels out there but from what I can gather you are not to firmiular with servers so I would not want to recommend one without knowing what understanding you have of setting up the server. CentOS have a free panel that is quite good and pretty simple to use and free. Whichever way you are going to have to do a reinstall of the server if you want to try a new panel, which is very easy from the kimsufi control panel.
  6. Well I know that parallels don't do trial keys for Plesk 11 unles you request one from their support. (They do a live chat that you might be able to get one) OVH don't sell key's for Plesk on the Kimsufi servers you would have to go through a reseller or Odin to purchase a full license key. You can of course install Plesk 12 through the kimsufi control panel and get a trial key straight from the parallels website once you have it installed. I use Plesk 12 on my servers as it is cheaper than cPanel fr a dedicated licence.
  7. OK so what OS did you choose to install when you got the server from ovh. As you should know Kimsufi servers from ovh are unmanaged servers so it is down to you to install your choice of OS from the kimsufi control panel. There are lots to choose from and the choice is yours. OVH support will only normally help with hardware faults and not software problems. Though most OS's from the control panel you should be able to use trial versions keys on to start with, like cPanel, Plesk and so on. Really need more information on what you installed when you first got the server to help you out. Myself I have been using OVH servers for a long time and never had a problem.
  8. Need more information. What are you trying to install on the server? Server OS, IPB 4 and so on. Then we maybe able to help.
  9. insideflyer looks to be using Wordpress hispasonic looks to be just a html and php website (no cms)
    Working great thanks
  10. CyberOn


    Anyone missing the colour picker in this and the Animate theme? Installed both themes on a fresh install of, cleared the cache, tried the support option, even tried switching back and fourth from designer mode, tried all browsers and all missing colour picker and unable to change background.
  11. CyberOn


    While it installs on Wordpress 4.2.2 and I can access the CometChat admin panel via website address/cometchat/admin I can not access it from the dashboard within Wordpress. If you click on CometChat from within the dashboard all it does is ask for the even though this has been previously installed. Once it has been installed and shows you can go to the Cometchat admin panel fro within the Wordpress dashboard the actual link to the admin panel is admin.php?page=cometchat%2Fcometchatinstall.php and not the admin panel. So while it does work it does not integrate as much as I was wanted. Hope this can be sorted out in the future. Just to add installed on a clean install of WP 4.2.2 with nothing added before CometChat OK Manged to get it to work in the WP 4.2.2 dashboard. Once you have installed it don't click the link to take you to the admin panel. 1) Goto installed plugins 2) Look for CometChat and click the edit 3) Click Proceed (If you get the warning about editing the code) 4) Make sure at the top of the screen it says Editing cometchat/cometchat.php (active) 5) Look for at the top of the page add_menu_page( 'CometChat', 'CometChat', 'manage_options', 'cometchat/cometchatinstall.php', '', plugins_url( 'cometchat/newcometchat.png' ), '2.24' );6) Change cometchatinstall.php to menu.php 7) Update File You should now be able to access the cometchat admin panel from within WP dashboard
  12. Great update looks good on all my devices.