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  1. I've saw those. Looking for something else.
  2. Hello there. I'm searching for cool stars/gif/animation rank icons for my website... with more comments, better rank badge. I have stars icons, but i search for something else, mostly for gifs. It would be cool if they are anime gifs or something like that. Something that moves is better.
  3. https://prnt.sc/qyo3bk Thanks. i've notice that all my themes looks smaller. Even my default theme. Like that i can make it wider, but the text, picutres and etc, still looks small and hard to read. Maybe i've changed something or? Anyone can tell how to fix this? https://maxshape.org/ - that's how it looks now. If u open it with 1080p resolution, im sure you will notice how hard is to read the text.
  4. Hello there. I'm using Mind Them on my ips 4.4. (https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8288-mind/) But just now i've bough myself laptop 17 inches 1080p resolution, and i've notice how small it looks on that. Here is my website: https://maxshape.org/ Is there an option or easy way to make my them to look wider, more likely as the default or that in webflake? Right now it's really small and i barely can read it. I need to zoom in my chrome so i can see it good.
  5. Everything it's ok after update. I've delete it, but not only the text, also the icon i've put have disappear. isn't there a way only the text Admin to disappear, not the icon as Admin too?
  6. Hello. How can you recognize that you have nulled version with all futures. I have upgrade with nulled ver. from 4.2 to 4.7, but there is not written that it's nulled after the version, like it was in 4.2. So how can i check that everything works?
  7. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dr00C2U8t0LVia3tfPr00Tj6CMsd_WzS/view?usp=sharing Check video. I've tried it in all themes i have. I don't see any other files when clicking in Templates or CSS. Any idea what is wrong? What should i do? Should i update to 4.4.7? And how to do so? What was the steps.
  8. Nope, i've tried it. Nothing shows up. I think this is bugged. I'm using 4.4.2 nulled ver.
  9. Hello. I've found it, but it doesn't want to search for that file in templates or css. https://prnt.sc/plqzgw No matter what i do, i stay like this. Even if i put X on that, still nothing else can appear.
  10. Hello, i have domain and i'm trying to set it. I've done till now this changes: https://prnt.sc/plquls And this: https://prnt.sc/plqurm in conf_global.php Do i miss something? The forum doesn't open like it should. https://prnt.sc/plqwki
  11. https://prnt.sc/plm6il Where we go now, mate?
  12. Hello, how to remove the admin text under the avatar? https://prnt.sc/pliibv But i doesn't want it to disappear here too - https://prnt.sc/pliiwu
  13. Works as charm again. Thanks.
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