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  1. Problem solved. Thanks to @S!r.ReaDy , he was very helpful.
  2. I've tried two different themes, one of themes is flatrum which i think don't have bugs. Same results.
  3. Still no luck, i don't wanna change the theme as is the best looking theme for us and i've worked a lot on it...
  4. Noob question, by refresh the plugin you mean reinstall it ?
  5. I edited in enhanceduserinfopanel.css like this: .euip_AvatarSize img, img.euip_AvatarSize, .euip_AvatarSize::after { width: 160px; height: 260px;
  6. Thanks but is not working, isn't there any way to stop that cropper ? Is really pissing me off as i searched for a few days now and i can't still solve this.
  7. Not bad, but you won't be able to scroll anymore. Here is how i did and is also working on mobile (tested on firefox and chrome): #chatboxWrap { height: 300px; overflow-y: auto; scrollbar-width: none; /* Firefox */ -ms-overflow-style: none; /* IE 10+ */ } ::-webkit-scrollbar { display: none; } #chatboxWrap::-webkit-scrollbar { display: none; }
  8. I've modyfied the size of the avatars on my IPS 4.3 website, but the problem is that my avatar pictures get automaticaly resized. Here is how i upload an profile picute: The result: This is the avatar:
  9. Is that some new tool in ips 4 or you are talking about edit html/css option ?
  10. Hi i've tried to find the css who is responsable for this and html template but no luck. Here is how i want the sub-categories. (like on my old theme) Here is how sub-categories are shown in this new theme. Any help would be very appreciate. P.S: Theme doesn't have an option in editor like other themes.
  11. I solved it, cloudflare was the problem. SSL certificate wasn't builded yet i think.