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  1. So when I joined webflake I never signed up but rather I used the other options like discord, steam, google etc. to sign in. My question being, how do I change the password I would to sign in if I choose to not use one of the options mentioned before?
  2. I doubt they'll be needy in those few hours. Since you can basically get anything you want.
  3. Oh hell yes! A purge will be the best option.
  4. My bad, I read the first part of the tutorial and assumed this is for a selfbot.
  5. To whoever it may concern, discord self bots are against discord TOS. I know this post is old and back then this was kinda tolerated, it's not anymore - https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002192352-Automated-user-accounts-self-bots-
  6. This looks better than i expected. Good job!
  7. Coming from a avid and only android user I obviously choose android. Like mentioned above android has its downsides compared to IOS but the same can be said the other way around. Yes IOS is safer since it's not 'open source' and YES IOS is advanced but I have to say, android can do just as much if not more on its own. With the amount of customisation you can do with android you can practically have a new interface every month. I've always been a Android user and I doubt I'll ever move over to IOS unless I have to.
  8. What do you consider cheap? While on the topic of VPS' what are some good specs to have when choosing a VPS?
  9. i win, you guys can stop trying now!
  10. These "endless/unlimited" hosting sites always have a story attached to them. They either have frequent downtimes or their support is just really bad which at the end of the day leads to you giving up and just moving on to a new host provider. As you mentioned, the home page looks a bit dodgy.
  11. aside from their website being a bit broken it looks good, thanks for sharing