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  1. I enabled notifications for my replies, and I still don't get notifications. Hard to have a productive conversation when I don't even know people have replied to me, like now.. but if anyone can help me, I'm having some trouble with the avatar frames surrounding the avatars. How do I position a member's avatar behind the avatar frame? I've tried using the css "z-index: -1;" property, but that pushes the avatar behind every element on the page. I even tried setting it to 0 to try and increase priority, still positions it all the way at the back of the page. I want the avatar to be position behind the frame, with the frame encasing it on the top, but I can't seem to work out how to get that done..
  2. Thanks for this tutorial. I'm having a couple problems though. Could you please add me on discord Aljo#3761 - I'd greatly appreciate it if you'd help me resolve these minor problems