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    I was looking for a program to shorten my URL's I think I found it in more than one else I'm going to test. The best of both will take my preference. Thank you for this precious sharing for me.
    I was looking for a program to shorten my URL's and well I think I found it. Thank you for this precious sharing for me.
  1. A thousand thanks, option immediately disabled at home, bin yes why not take into account this .... I had not unchecked in this place indicated and as I want my small community to live long ...I am always good advice given by the "big masters" of the site
  2. Super tutorials to keep under the elbow when as I am deeply modifying its site. Hyper useful for those who do not know the coded architecture nor the paths to find the famous lines of codes to modify. Thank you for your work, friends
    Beautiful and super functional this sharing. I confirm that this plugin works and even under IPS v4.3.6 as shown in the screenshot of my site. I even translated the button and the settings of the plugin into French in French.
    Thank you for sharing the friend; It will be useful for me in the production of tutorial video format and then put in gallery on my site.
    Thank you very much, it works perfectly on IPS v4.3.6 I recommend this app to those who want more to customize their administration interface. For my part it remains for me to translate its interface in French to benefit in my own language. Below an image of are installation at home before translation into French.
  3. I did not try this solution with a free count at the provider that you indicate but I wanted to give my opinion on this solution that I find very useful indeed in my opinion. Thank you for sharing this tip hoping that another tests and tells more details than me if it worked at home. I would still try my personal smpt server to see if it works with a smtp server made available to us or hosted elsewhere on the web.
  4. Exellent tutorial, thank you for sharing.
  5. Indeed it is an excellent tip in case of disaster for the erasure of our rank of administrator. I tested this solution by creating a ghost member on my site and gave it a moderator rating. After checking in my administrative panel IPS, I could see the effectiveness of your little tutorial mr-pimpen. Thank you for this sharing that will be very useful to "heads in the air" or just for those who want to repair an error committed by a second admin with full powers who would have deleted your rank or account inadvertently or other ...
  6. Thanks Tricky for the compliment. Indeed I am certain that it will serve for other because originally I searched for a lot of time a scrool to top that would work with my versioin of ips, and as nothing worked I looked for on the web a solution that would allow me to benefit from such an important function when you have a site with a long slider to go back to the top of a page. The solution found being tested and functional at home so I decided to share it with all those who, as I was, are looking for a famous scroll to top and find nothing satisfactory until present. Simple to implement and useful for all that this little tutorial
  7. Tutorial Place a button in image or awesome font to get back to the top of the page. This is to use on an IPS v 4.3.6 version, you can also try to adapt it for the higher versions the code to be placed using only direct links for the scripts and the integrated css in the "globalTemplate" page of you theme. So you need to know how to edit the html files that make up your template. Be careful to respect strictly the explanations given in the tutorial or you may be unable to implement this useful function or worse, destroy your template if you mistakenly erase lines of code belonging to it Installation procedure: 1° Open your template "globalTemplate" of your theme 2° In this one look for the tag </ head> Add just above this one (important) the code below. You must get this: 3° Then look in the same template (just below </ head>) this: You have to get something like this: 4° look for the line at the bottom of the template: Add just above </ body> this: You can change the size of this image to suit your display. If you prefer to use an awesome font, put the image code instead: and of course customize the placement of your font in the tag you have an example below. the parameters to adjust in the javascrit: the parameters to be set in the css for the case: In this example, the button will be placed in a fixed position at 25px from the right edge and 15px from the bottom of the screen. The "cursor: pointor" allows to display a hand during the passage of the mouse. Free to modify the position of the button at your convenience Me in my example I used an awesome and set bottom: -15px; and right: 10px; to be placed as on the screenshoot. I also added rounded borders to make it more beautiful. Original source from which is drawn the script which I inspired myself:
    I managed to run this plugin only in two ways: 1 ° By sending an image for the icon to the desired result 2 ° In function for another icon of the function "Customize HTML / CSS" The function "FontAwesome" is inoperative at home (IPB v4.3.6) , either I did not copy the good code of the font, or a bug in the plugin. Meanwhile I am 100% satisfied because the icons adorn the texts of my navigation menu and its sub menus. Thank you for sharing.
    What better than to offer more emoticons to my members to decorate their messages a little more pretty frimousses. Thank you for sharing this friend.
    Thanks for this paretting this will improve the online/offline member's visual on my site; unfortunately does not work with IPB v 4.2.6