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  1. Hi. I'm in need of a logo that was made years ago, but my Western Digital broke so I lost all my login passwords and logo along with it. I've attached a distorted image, it is saying "Artist411". The i is painted with a splash paint effect, and there is person between the 4 with arms stretched out on both arms. Multiple colors would be nice too. please delete this request by the end of the month, hopefully within ten days. Thanks, Nicholas S.
  2. LOL thanks, have a good one too!
  3. I'd say modern, something like myspace.
  4. Me too. Nice work, not too much color, and nice tear drops.
  5. Hi there. Welcome, I think I've welcomed you before, whatever though lol
  6. Hi there. Welcome and I'm new too!
  7. Hi there. How are you. Great site huh?