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  1. Yes, other people have reported the same error. I tested specifically from 4 different devices (my laptop, android smartphone, iphone and ipad) and the problem remains... So I suppose it is not a browser issue (for example here in webflake forum, I have never experienced an issue like this)...
  2. I have observed this issue happens only in the https://mydomain.com/ directory. For example the case is this: 1.Im logged in my forum. 2.Im refreshing the page and i see on the top right of the screen the buttons Sign in on SignUp instead of my Profile Image and Username (as previously). 3.I click Sign In and I put my credentials again on the pop up login window. Then I get this message. After some refreshings, it shows again that I am logged-in and after some times it shows I need to login. Going to Leaderboard or Gallery, this have never happened. @Cookie Monster is it possible to help me if I send you my forum url ? I'm not "expert" enough to find that blocking javascript.... @Cookie Monster I've also noticed this that might seem helpful to understand the problem. I experience this problem, everytime that my forum has increased number of people coming in. For example, I post on my social media a promo image to visit the forum, then I have more than 20+ visitors and each time I experience this issue. When we are 2-5 people online in the forum the problem rarely happens. (It happens but not so often)
  3. I see many members have this similar issue. Suddenly, it seems that I am not logged in my forum, so I type in again my username-password to log-in. The error I get then is this : "The CSRF protection key did not match. This may indicate a plugin or theme is out of date. Please contact technical support for more information. Error Code : 2S119/1" Do you know what should I do to fix this error cause many members face the same problem ?
  4. Hello guys! Im new to IPS Community! I would like to mention some things. After playing with my installation, I saw that everytime that I make changes to the theme, the css files are changing name (for example from css_built_1/05e81b71abe4f22d6eb8d1a929494829_responsive.css.c31eebcd491dee9f29f8e82fa1c119df.css?v=026d4e282a -->css_built_1/05e81b71abe4f22d6eb8d1a929494829_responsive.css.f56ggbcd491dee9f29f8e82fa1c119df.css?v=026d4e282a ) My problem at the moment, is that after applying changes on the theme through ACP, the css files have different file names than before and my browser ( and from other devices that I tested) are trying to load from previous css file which have been deleted. Have you seen a problem like this before? Do you know what should I do to troubleshoot this problem ?