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  1. When 4.4.10 will be released on WebFlake
  2. @Davlin @Phun maybe you can help me...I need this Chatbox...
  3. No errors...Should i send pic of result?
  4. Please look at the image.When i try to enter message,it wont work and its back me on forums page.I look on other websites and this field "Your message here"shouldnt be like this. Version of my site: IPS 4.4.9 I use latest version of chatbox from this site. Please dont reply if you cant help.... I have set all permissions and cant Enter message.
  5. @ Davlin delete this account pls...

  6. I upragaded my IPS to 4.4.6.Can i now back it to 4.2.8 version? @ Jeffrey @ Jrock @ Davlin
  7. GoldfingerSA

    BIM ChatBox

    @ Jeffrey @ Cookie Monster lock this topic,it is posted 2 months ago.
  8. Yep its custom plugin https://prnt.sc/ouvsqi but still,i dont know how to move it to different position betwen these other buttons..Im new to this...
  9. Guys i have buttons like this https://prnt.sc/or2mj9 but i want my button "Who read this topic " be on position like on THIS(CLICK) photo.Please help me...
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