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  1. Oh i forgot about this.Just give me one day.
  2. I know solution for this.I will create tutorial for you just when i wake up.I know this problem and know solution,but let's say this isn't problem.
  3. Maybe just click on their nickname.From that moment,their tag should appear to chatbox.
  4. Well,i'm using 000webhost.That site is absolutly free,no ads,unlimited time of the site.
  5. Look,maybe you shoud find folder named "themes" and simple delete theme and put another.Or via MySQL database>themes.
  6. Go to AdminCP>Groups>(Any group)>Force Anonymus login OFF.You must do to every group.
  7. Where i can enable signature buton.Can someone show me with image?
  8. Jeffrey you are wrong.I play on some gaming forum where some members have permission to Lock,pin and hide.Exaple forum:Gaming Topics,moderator is (Someone) i don't know how they do that. I can send you link to the forum.I can show you if u dont trust me.
  9. I don't know why but i can;t download this file.Maybe help?