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  1. Using windows 10 professional for social , gaming othertimes using linux.
  2. https://steamcommunity.com/dev/apikey Hi, your problem may be a problem with the api key, if the api is not assigned to assign an api key. If you changed the domain you have to change your api key again.
  3. Xerin

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    Check this tut :
  4. Did you check your API for correctly writing?
  5. Xerin


    Can you explain more? Is it script or just css block
  6. You can use this one https://nyqi.github.io/animated-tags/ Download first : https://github.com/Nyqi/animated-tags/raw/gh-pages/sparkles.zip then place it somewhere to your IPS FTP folder I placed it inside uploads folder. In next step you will need to go to your Admin CP, then go to Members > Groups > Select group you want to edit for animated tag > Click on Edit button > You will need to put this content inside Group Formatting Example <span style='color: #9572ff; background: url(http://your-website.com/uploads/sparkles/sparkle_purple.gif); font-weight: bold;'> (Remember to replace your-website.com with your website!) As color you can use HEX color, find colors here: http://www.color-hex.com/ and as sparkle image (in our example it was sparkle_purple.gif) you can use anything from this list: sparkle_green_light.gif, sparkle_blue.gif, sparkle_brown.gif, sparkle_red.gif, sparkle_green.gif, sparkle_lime.gif, sparkle_blue_light.gif, sparkle_white.gif, sparkle_yellow_light.gif, sparkle_grey.gif, sparkle_orange.gif, sparkle_teal.gif, sparkle_purple.gif, sparkle_yellow.gif, sparkle_pink.gif, sparkle_pink_light.gif, fire_navy.gif, fire_pink.gif, fire_orange.gif, fire_brown.gif, fire_purple.gif, fire_blue.gif, fire_lime.gif, fire_red.gif, fire_white.gif, fire_black.gif, fire_green.gif, fire_teal.gif, fire_grey.gif You can also remove font-weight: bold if you don't want to have your name bold. Taken from another forum.
  7. Its custom page and I think you need to Buy packet in cloudflare for like this custom firewall page
  8. Thank you for message , I understood. ?
  9. Hey, I want to use this application but I don't understand How can I use, I installed but I cant understand What he saying in description
  10. This plugin for mybb not IPS If I'm not wrong.
  11. Xerin


    Welcome to Webflake,
  12. Is your website offline?
  13. I know its looks bad, I'm just a little nervous, and thank you, forum problem fixed.
  14. From where ? I deleted from cloudflare
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