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  1. Thank you for your valuable comment. In fact, I thought I could make this theme really smooth and beautiful-looking. But then I realized that the theme is both buggy and cant be fixed without updating. So I'm on my way to change the theme. You can lock the topic.
  2. Yep, So much bug but looking good for gaming. I fixed 2nd problem but for 1st one I cant do anything my forum url: artofgaming.net
  3. Problem 1 : Hello Their IPBoard users I'm using evoplayze theme for gaming. I cant change this color. Its theme color maybe and I try to inspect in developer tools but I cant https://prnt.sc/ml0z0x Problem 2 : Some topic's color turning white I dont know How changing https://prnt.sc/ml104f Normal topic color : https://prnt.sc/ml10no
  4. Oh oke, I will hire. Again thank you.
  5. I'm using eligius theme for my forum. But I dont want to use this How can i change or add like this one ?
  6. Oh I forget to answer my bad.Hosting fixed my problem.close thread ty
  7. Hello, gentlemen and ladies, I bought a webspace from nitradodan and bought a different hosting domain. Obviously I've encountered many errors in the forum I'm still encountering. Now, if I write my web address without www, my website goes to an empty domain. How do I fix this and another error, I can't search for a member list, I can't switch to the 2nd page of the member list.
    I have a loading problem in 3.1.2 , still just loading doesnt opening , i re-install but still not fixed
  8. Help successfully completed. Close @Cookie Monster Thread Mate
  9. I cant find , author or any thing in footer. Im just for put maybe work
  10. I cant find in footer and ı put .author { display: none; } But didnt worked , i need to change . Anybody know where ? https://ibb.co/qrqSfrT