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  1. Goto https://sitename/admin/upgrade and turn off Designer Mode that might help.
  2. Well the title is a bit harsh i think anyway, I there a like system for ipb that can run along side the reputation system only difference is the reputation would have to be done by going to a persons profile and directly adding there reputation. If this seems to hassling i would just like it if someone could direct me to a way how to make the like system and merge it with ipb.
  3. It lacks the feature i have in mind. I want when i it a forum category button it shows all the forums within that category and when i hit another button in swaps space with the previous forums that were there that way i won have to do any excessive scrolling.
  4. Solved Fixed Worked I Worship You Now
  5. sigh....i know where to find it i just want someone to tell me how do i remove cause no one has said that up until now i just keep on going in a circle...so view it the way i see it....i am now in the Live Metatag Editor...right...what do i type or do t remove the forum thing from my board.
  6. How do i change after i use live meta editor Ohk os he said you wil have to fix it manually i have no idea how to
  7. I was using IPB quite fine after a switch from My-BB but it lacks the tabbed browsing plugin for IPB so i would like to know if there is such a plugin for it or if not how would i go about creating it. What i have: IPB 4.3.8 Veilon FLine Skin 20+ Forum Categories If it is unclear what i mean by tabbed browsing then here's a pic of what i mean http://prntscr.com/mgglog
  8. So as we know IPB 4* has this annoying thing where where you only use the forum as main app it shows the title as "Forums - {WebsiteName}" i have found how to remove it on the index page template how ever when i do edit it it breaks the function of showing the thread name on other pages so i would like to know how to remove it from my board.
  9. It was just in that theme however, i fixed it my reinstalling the theme and setting up all my stuff again so i think i deleted something without realizing.
  10. Is there a plugin or a way that i can browse my IPB forum with 20 category without having to be scrolling all the way down all the time? Funny but i have my own answer of how to do it because i saw another forum with a tabbed browsing feature where they group five topic under one button and when it is clicked it calls those topics and like wise with the rest however, i lack the web development skills to create such sophisticated plugin or what not so i would like to know if such a plugin exists or i way i could learn how to get that done. Thank You in advance.
  11. Everytime i click message button on the Veilon orange theme i can enter message i need help http://prntscr.com/mc821i
  12. Can i transfer MyBB posts and Threads to IPB?