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  1. When I added code to my site it actually toke about 1 week before adds showed up.
  2. Did you try support tool in Admin panel?
  3. /forums worked great for me ty for your help ?
  4. It loads page I made but not loading forums now go here https://AMODS.me And click download as seen here This should take your forums but it's not that's the problem
  5. It does pop up but when I click to go to forums it's not going to forums it just stays on same page that's the problem
  6. What are you talking about ? Can you post where you getting your info from ?
  7. Hi I need your help guys Can you tell me how to add this https://amods.me/index.php?/pp/ As my Landing page please ?  I tried adding it in Application and selected that link as pages as default page but problem is when it's loading that page I can't go to forums location if I click button go forums it just stay in same page but I need it so that when I click forums button it will go to forums and not stsy on same page? any help would be great thank you.
  8. STAR

    File UPLOAD issues???

    Thanks for reply do you think this might be issue On top it says it's using php70 but in php.ini it says it's using php56
  9. Hi guys I'm having a wierd issue when trying to upload file it's uploading really slow as seen here I have been uploading that file past 45 minutes it's only 86meg file This has never been an issue even with files that are 200meg it would upload with in few minutes Now it's taking ages and most of the time I get error -200 and can't upload any files only images There is no error logs in admin cp Any help please? Thanks
  10. Theme might need updating or you can try support tool jnadminpanel see if that fixes your issue.
  11. Don't need rules badges and medals plugin has this option already you can set bed yo be awarded after 5th post 10th post and so on.
  12. its always there did you go here? If not let me know what template you are using and I will tell you what you need to replace
  13. Edit footer template code in admin CP and remove that line in there.
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