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  1. It's now Dreadnought Theme 2.1.7 and has been updated for IPS 4.3
  2. So do what I said install fresh and import your DB in to fresh install see if that sorts it I can't do much as I just moved in to my new house and my PC is not even wired up and can't do much in my Note 8
  3. Did you truly 4.2.9 ? If so make full back of the site. And do fresh install and then import your DB to that fresh install or you can wait for others to see if anyone else has any solutions. Also what happens when you go to admin panel does it give you login screen or upgrade screen ?
  4. Ok try redownloading the 4.3 nulled version again and upload that overide all files except global config see if that works
  5. Did you log in as user ID 1 ?
  6. When you say nothing happens what do you mean ? No page reload or anything?
  7. Did you disable all plugins and applications? Did you try using another template as default admin template? If so go to settings go to support select something is not working right and click go see if that fixes your issue.
  8. Go to domain registrar and redirect site to domain you want them to go. Send can be done in cpanel under redirections settings
  9. Use ftp explorer loke file zilpa wsftp and so onto upload files also do not upload global_config.php before upgrade make back up
  10. Go Admin panel settings select support and select option something us not working right and click go see if that fixes your issue
  11. Global_config.php found in root directory
  12. IF YOU have access to cpanel you can change it your self glad you got it sorted any way.
  13. Did all checks showed normal ? Also what php version are you using ?
  14. Looks like some of the files are missing did you try reupload files ? Also did you try support tab in admin panel and select something us not working right ?
  15. Go to group settings select group you want to change colour for and go to this section And add this code <span style='color:#00FFFF'> This will fix your issue replace number with code you want