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  1. Theme might need updating or you can try support tool jnadminpanel see if that fixes your issue.
  2. Don't need rules badges and medals plugin has this option already you can set bed yo be awarded after 5th post 10th post and so on.
  3. This will be long list to write out but what you need to do is this 1. Make full SQL back up 2. Try upgrading by uploading ips files over your ipb files If this fails just install new version of IPS and import your sql DB to that he's version This way you will have everything as it was before just you will be using new version.
  4. its always there did you go here? If not let me know what template you are using and I will tell you what you need to replace
  5. Edit footer template code in admin CP and remove that line in there.
  6. Thanks for help I fixed it it was group images that were pointing to http I replaced them with https and all fixed now thanks
  7. Sorry you not helping All I want to know us his to fix my issue I posted screen shot in my original post All I want to know is how to load images using https What you posting I already know a I want to know is how to fix my images so they loading with https that's it
  8. Problem is example http://image1.png and https://image1.png Both work and load same image I just need to know how to fix it so that it loads all images using https:// only Where is the setting for images so I can add https
  9. I did but images are still loading from http instead of https and my site does not have small padlock like webflake has and I did clear the cach
  10. Hi I just enabled https on my website which uses ssl certificate have no small padlock and when tested why no padlock I got this message on images I looked in my admin to update images to be loaded using https can I confirm by enabling this setting 'Serve Images from local server' will load my images using https instead of http When I enable that option I get this pop up message If I click yes rebuild will this fix images which currently are loaded using http and once it rebuilds it will make images load using https? Sorry for noob question but I have never set up https in my life and have no clue what I need to do in order for images to load using secure URL. Thank you
  11. Thanks for help actually I found it it's this settings Read Settings must be disabled and above settings enabled this then will let guests see the topics but not read what's inside them thanks for the help
  12. Thanks for help but that option is enabled and read disabled and I still can't see topics inside forums when visiting as guest.
  13. Not good as they can't see any topics all I want is guests to see what type of topics are in section but to read them they need to register if I uncheck read Topics soon as they visit forum section they get error and they can't see anything so they might not even register That's why I said I want them to see what topics I have but not read Topics till they register
  14. Hi guys need small help currently in guest settings there is option to see forums and read Topics I want to know if I can change that to See forums See Topics but not read Topics? Anyone know how I can achieve that please ? Thanks
  15. You need this