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  1. Yeah I know always backup files and database
  2. Thank you helping Problem Solved.
  3. Hello again I've found old database and files but it still does not show the same categories and forums do this help me got much?
  4. yes, but only 1 week before the rest don't and so sad that you have a backup of.
  5. Yes, I did not get the right backup, but no other solution? :(
  6. I have already updated to beta version 4.4.1 after I was using 4.3.6 but then I have installed 4.3.6 again but it didn't appear in the member list and other applications it just doesn't appear in the forum category and forums.
  7. hello my website I had to reset because of some errors and reset the old database backup I have opened but I can not see the issues and articles I have restored the database but still does not appear written and will you help issues? ADMİN PANEL: FORUM: FORUMS_DB TOPİCS_DB
  8. sorry I can't enter the admin panel but the site is giving only 500 error
  9. Hi I did version 4.4 beta 1 and I didn't have any problems but when I opened designer mode for Team yesterday I started to give the website 500 error and need to delete the files and database I can go back to the old version 4.3.6 version now I could not enter the site again
  10. Hi today I have added 2checkout payment method to my website but when I press Pay button on site, will you give me the following error, what should I do? We are unable to process your purchase. Please contact us for assistance.
  11. Do you know about 2 checkout didn't work?
  12. Sorry but it didn't work
  13. Hi, I'm using the steam input plugin, but I'm sorry when I want to log in. Can you help what is going wrong?
  14. Sorry I forgot to tell you I'm living in Turkey I hope you will help me.